This section is designed to help you easily list new and used plant, machinery and equipment for sale.

Clients wishing to list items on this web site may do so by providing information about each item along with one or more photos. 

This information may be provided by filling out the form below or by post or direct email. The more information you supply the less follow up will be required to obtain the detail we like to provide.

To get an idea of the type of information required and how your listing(s) will be displayed we suggest viewing the information pages of some current items listed for sale.

When you list with Openshaw:
  • Placing your 'for sale' listing with Openshaw is free.
  • We will send you notifications of interest and enquiries about your listing free of charge.
  • You will be sent a draft of your listing to approve before we publish your listing online.
Photos: We would prefer a digital photo of JPEG or JPG file format submitted with the form below or by email, but we will accept printed photos. If you are wanting to upload more than two photos you will need to save your images into a single zipped folder and upload the folder. Click here for a step by step guide to 'zipping' your images.

First name:

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Email address:

Business/ Company name:

Contact number:

Street address:



Postal address (if different from street address):

Machinery type (eg pump, heat exchanger, etc):

Make or brand (if available):

Model number (if available):

Serial number (if available):

Construction material (eg stainless steel):

Year New (if available):





Diameter (if round):

Make/ Brand (if available):

Phase and/ or voltage (eg 1 or 3 phase, 240V, 380V etc):

KW (or horsepower):

Speed/ rpm:

General comments on item/s - description of operation, output, condition, etc. We ask sellers empathise with buyers and answer any questions they would ask if they were to purchase the item/s:


For example...

Tanks - We also require size and location of inlets/outlets, location of manways, wall details (eg single skin, insulated, jacketed), bottom details (eg flat, cone depth), wall height, legs (number and height), agitator details, refrigeration details.

Conveyors - We also require length and width of belt, type of belt, details about drive etc.

Please see the current plant categories for examples of specific details required for your listing.
Other specific details to note:

What is the net price you are seeking?

Photo Attachment: Browse your hard drive to find the file to attach, then when the form is submitted, your file will be attached.
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