How We Operate - Wanted Items

Memorandum of Procedure

The focus of Openshaw Plant Machinery Ltd (OPM) is to give excellent service to facilitate the sourcing, marketing and placement of new and used plant for clients.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Procedure is to establish an understanding between OPM and its clients to enable this focus to be continually improved on. 

Clients often ask us for assistance and advice in finding suitable equipment to meet a requirement they have. Our typical procedure is then:


Seeing what we can offer from within our current listings and putting forward options.


If the client wants further additional options to consider, we initially approach contacts in their local region to see what options they can offer for consideration.  We then can spread the search further if no suitable options are found.


We lodge a “wanted listing" in to our system so that the requirement can be viewed by a world wide audience.


When we receive notification of any potential matches to the “wanted” listings from clients, they are then offered to the client who made the request, for them to consider.

We approach all the clients on an annual basis who have listed equipment for sale or lodged “wanted” advertisements with us, to make sure the listings are still current. Also the “wanted listings” are listed for as long as the clients want it to remain listed.

If you have any questions regarding how we operate please feel free to contact us.

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