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The majority of our clients are in the production industry and most are involved with manufacturing of various foods, beverages and alike. We are however willing to advertise any sort of equipment, for anyone.


Yes. OPM have sold equipment from and into over 35 countries around the world.

There is no time limit.

We put everyone that contacts us on the update list unless they ask us not to.

A pre agreed percentage of the selling price is paid to OPM as commission. This is only owed if OPM brokers the sale and it is our only source of income.

Standard for 2nd hand / used equipment is 20% of the selling price. This amount may be less for high value items or NEW equipment. This is negotiated between the seller and OPM prior to advertising on the website.

Many times every working day.

The “match” may not be perfect for the buyer who placed the “wanted”. This may be a factor of price, condition or something else.

The majority of sellers send us the details and photos by using the function for submitting an advertisement online (www.openshaw.co.nz/sell-plant-machinery) or by emailing us the details and photos directly to [email protected]. We then load the advertisement on to our website. Occasionally we visit sellers and get the details ourselves. The seller then confirms that the advert details are correct.

OPM has no equipment at our site as it is retained by the sellers.

We encourage sellers to supply all the details, photos and information that a potential purchaser may ask for. Any requests from potential purchasers are passed on to the seller by OPM. If any further information is needed than shown on the advertisements we request the seller address any questions asked.


Yes with prior arrangement. Very rarely a seller will veto contact with a specific purchaser (perhaps a business competitor). The purchaser is not given the seller’s identity until OPM has received the permission of the seller.

Many sellers will allow short term trials with certain terms and conditions applied.

Almost all sellers require full payment before they will allow equipment to be released.

NEW equipment will have a warranty provided by the seller. Most of the equipment advertised is pre-used, so often no, unless the seller is prepared to offer one. New Zealand law is quite strict involving selling and the purchaser has full rights to assume that the details shown in the advert must be a fair and accurate description. This is the responsibility of the seller.

Freight is usually the cost and responsibility of the purchaser unless agreed otherwise.

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